1. .psd – Photoshop file
  2. Default Workspace – Normal view of Photoshop
  3. Zoom – Re-sizing the view
  4. Pan – Moving the view
  5. “Upload as a .jpeg to WordPress”,
  6. Credit Line – Contains information about an image: ArtistName/Title/Year/Medium/Size/Location
  7. Layer – Different pieces of an image, stacked on top of each other.
  8. Move Tool – Used to move layers or selections around the canvas
  9. Selection – Used to isolate parts of an image or layer so that you can edit them without editing unselected areas.  {Marching Ants}
  10. Marquee – A tool used to make rectangular or elliptical selections
  11. Lasso – A tool used to make free-form selections.
  12. Healing Brush – You can use this tool to repair scratches and imperfections on images. It blends the damaged area with a source (ALT).
  13. Clone Stamp – Copies source (ALT) information from the first selected area to the second.
  14. Jpeg – File type most often used for photos and when publishing other files as images to the web.
  15. Pixel: Smallest unit of a digital picture.  Usually square.  One pixel = one color.
  16. Resolution:   Measurement of clarity in a digital picture.  Higher resolution has a higher clarity.
  17. DPI:   Dots per Inch; an empirical measurement of resolution.  Dots are the same as pixels.
  18. Size:    Digital images are measured in inches and in pixels.  For printed materials, both measurements are necessary.  For images used solely on a monitor, inches may not be necessary.
  19. Pixelated – An image with such a low resolution that you can see the individual pixels.
  20. Layer
  21. Shape
  22. Space
  23. Form
  24. Stroke
  25. Filter
  26. Flatten Image
  27. Merge
  28. Photo Montage

Elements of Design

  1. Primary Colors
  2. Secondary Colors
  3. Analogous Colors
  4. Complementary Colors
  5. Patterns
  6. Textures

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